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#128180 - Clean your plate, Gil, Uncle Ned admonished his eighteen year old nephew, we don't want to waste food, there are starving children all over the world who would give anything for your left overs! Yes, Uncle, Gil dutifully replied, as he scooped up a last bite of mashed potatoes and gravy with a half a slice of rye bread. That's a good boy, he commented, as he cleared away the dinner dishes from the kitchen table, wash or wipe he asked, while filling the sink with soapy dishwater!?! Uh, wipe, Gil replied, as he picked up the dish towel while waiting for the first clean dish to be placed in the drip rack. The two of them did the dishes in silence, until when they were about half way through, Uncle Ned nonchalantly mentioned, I found your magazines when I dusted under your bed today, do you think that those are the type of magazines a boy of your age should be reading!?! Gil turned a bright shade of red and fumbled to find the proper words to answer his uncle! A

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