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#32338 - When she got back into the changing room, all the others were naked and had started sucking John’s cock, while he sucked their pussies, she stripped and joined the line, they went round twice and John was no where near coming, as they started the third round he had one at each hand and fingered two while eating one out, being like this he couldn’t see the girls or do anything to stop them doing what they wanted, so when Tracy sat over his hips and sat on his cock, taking it to the full depths f her pussy, he could only groan, Tracy couldn’t have been a virgin as she knew what to do, and minutes later his balls sprayed his spunk, filling the girls pussy to over flowing, she bounced on his cock until it stopped throbbing, Susan had been sat over his mouth at that time and when she got off he looked at Tracy and told her she shouldn’t have done that, “I know Sir, but I’ve seen mommy and daddy doing it and it looked like fun, so I wanted to try it” “And was it fun”? “Oh yes Sir” Jenny, one

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