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#105749 - It was day 4 of our little experiment Emma worked her mouth around my cock this time it took a little longer for me to cum as her mouth didn’t have its usual warmth but all issues aside having my daughters little mouth around my cock warm or cold still got me to eventually cum but when I warned her I’m going to blow she didn’t reach for her glass of cum that was pretty much already filled to the brim instead she reached for her coffee and jerked my cock and aimed it for her cup and with a few strokes from her tiny hand later I blew another river of cum into her coffee Emma raised her mouth over my cock to catch the last few drops of cum that didn’t squirt from my cock she always did this sexy thing where she let a bit of my cum coat her lips just to add that sexy slutty side of her out. Emma freed my erect cock from my pants and took my cock in her mouth she started doing her usual up and down strokes while circling my dick hole with her tongue this really got my blood pumping in my

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Shakti kareen
I d never be able to get enough of those loose used up cunt lips fuckin tasty
Mai fukuyama
Yk yk