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#190924 - I then pulled her away towards the kitchen area that I had stocked with all the latest cooking gadgets as I know how much Amy loves cooking as she scanned and noticed all the gadgets her eyes started to grow wider than I had ever seen before she bound in past the island that housed the stove,oven and large veg sink she grabbed the handle's of the double door fridge freezer and pulled them open she then turned to me with a look of disappointment as she realized it was empty. Amy was strangely quiet on the trip in to town I just left her to her self as I figured it had been a long couple of days for her the trip from our old house to the new one took nearly two days stopping of at a hotel over night then we got up and left at first light so I guessed she was beet. Grabbed the towel I had dropped on the floor after my shower wrapping it around my waist as I shouted Amy What the hell are you doing you cant do that your my daughter As I stood there my cock still poin

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