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#53888 - Lunch was eaten in a constant chatter I could remember little of what was said, After lunch and coffee the 2 younger ones disappeared again for an hour we sat and exchanged pleasantries, after a while the kids came back I said time to go, on the way out we collected our purchases, clothes and toys. Lilly came over to me jumped on my knee and asked when are we going, I said after I have had my coffee is that OK with you I asked she just smiled and gave me a cuddle. I was watching the traffic and ignoring what the kids were doing, when I came to a stop at traffic lights I glanced at Lilly she had hitched her skirt up I saw immediately she had no panties on she had her pussy on show she saw me looking and began to laugh, before I could say anything the car behind me tooted its horn to get me started, I pulled away and tried to calm down.

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