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#173908 - I jumped off the chair and peeked around the corner of the workshop’s door and there she stood, I almost dropped my phone again, her pics didn’t do her any justice. y yeah I’m all better now”, she giggled slightly and gave me another hug, I ushered her inside and locked the gate behind her, “Come sit down, wow this is a very pleasant surprise”, she smiled at me and sat down, “I’m glad you like it, but don’t you have work to do?”, I shrugged, “Ah don’t worry about it, the technician will see that I didn’t finish and will probably finish it himself”, she smiled and sat there looking at me with her dark blue eyes and I was looking at her in a comfortable silence. She only slowed down when I had to turn off into my street and into my driveway, once the car stopped she started going faster again and I leaned against the seat, my one hand in her soft hair and the other massaging her soft breast, I could feel my orgasm building up and told her, she suddenly pulled away from my cock, leaving

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