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#316176 - She slowly licks her lips and smile up at me “Are you a good a lover as you are a kisser?” I only stare at her and her soft laugh warns me that more is coming “Cat got your tongue Mr Donovan” “A very sexy one who I really like a lot” The smart mouth come back let’s my brain kick back in and immediately thousands of thoughts assault my brain, none of them helping my half hard cock to soften. I slip my fingers in her shorts and pull them down, her shaved pussy glistens in the light, whether it’s still from our previous session or from me just kissing her breasts I don’t know. She’s breathing heavily, at times gasping for breath, finally the pleasure overwhelms even all my thoughts of the shop, it takes hold of my body and I lean a bit forward, hammering her pussy even harder, pulling her back onto my cock, keeping her in place.

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