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#263604 - Jeff was pumping his cock in his fist getting closer and closer to climax, determined to orgasm at the same time as his daughter on the screen, then she said 4 words that would change his life forever “Cum in me daddy” she said, not so loud to be heard outside her room, but with pure lust and passion and sexual desire. How about we all go out bowling after my next payday” “OK daddy, that sounds fun” She said, jumping up to wrap her arms around Jeffs neck “Thank you” And with that she grabbed Garths hand and ran out of the kitchen, up the stairs and into her bedroom, half dragging the poor boy behind her. Sighing he stood up and walked into the kitchen to find something to eat, maybe a break was what he needed.

Read Aunt M.M.F.H.H 'KG' - Keroro gunsou Throatfuck M.M.F.H.H 'KG'

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Hell of a post work out even i m sore and swollen
I was curious and paid hard for it those bitches ruined my peace of mind