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#93554 - No sooner were we cleaned-up, than he settled alongside me, with his arms around me, cuddling and kissing me again. It didn’t take long though, before I felt him thrusting in earnest, panting and heaving against my back as he pushed on, desperate for another orgasm. My own goes limp quite quickly after orgasm and my recovery time isn’t what it used to be but now he was the one who sat up and said, bluntly, “I’m still horny – mind if I fuck you now?” I was speechless! What could I say? With his tousled black hair even more tousled now, he sat there, looking at me questioningly, with his eye-brows raised and his gorgeous brown eyes wide and dilated.

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Atsushi murasakibara
More of her please
Akane akaza
Wish mine was in as good of a condition