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#111880 - After I finished sucking the strangers dick I was to horny to bare I went back to the club and made my way to the dance floor with my friends shaking my ass in the most sluttiest way possible. Cameron went back into her draw full of goodies while still managing to keep her cock inside me reached around and pulled out a silicone cork replacement for a wine bottle and removed her cock from my pussy and replaced it with that cork then grabbed another one and plugged it into my ass telling me I can now keep the cum in both holes for as long as I want… A FEW DAYS LATER Its been almost a week since I fucked Cameron and those same corks are still inside me keeping all that cum inside me im pretty much sacrificing pooping and making sure I pee very carefully in order to stay this way but next time I see Cameron I want to surprise her and I did the very next weekend after we decided to go out together and come home together but go to her house for a few beers first but before we left I took

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Kokomi sangonomiya
Nice tits
Wrong male actor needs better build up