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#288855 - I reached forward and cupped her tits as I plummeted my meat harder into her cunt, I was soon ready to cum so I slammed my dick into her a few more times and blew my load, my hot sticky cum filled her pussy as my cock stopped most of it coming out, I continued to fuck her cum filled cunt for a few minutes after, then realizing Claire and Stacey were waiting beside me to get a taste so I pulled my cock out and moved Kirsty from the sofa, Kirsty grabbed my cock and sucked my cum and her pussy juice from it whilst Claire and Stacey licked it from her pussy. FUCK ME BABY…. IM CUMING…UUHHH Kirsty shouted as she came, gushing her cum on mine and Stacey’s hands as we fucked and rubbed her pussy, I pulled my fingers from her pussy and sucked the juice from my fingers.

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