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#86650 - Jerry slowed his cock now stuck fast as the knot held the cum inside her, I began to fuck her from underneath, Jerry looked strange, he knew he had stopped moving, but now my cock was rubbing his, and my balls once more close to cumming. I kept her going, until she fell on top of Pauline, completly exchaused from her orgasms, then I pulled my fists out one by one, each time she shook and had another orgasm. I kept her high on fisting, then told her it was her turn to take me and Jerry, both in her butt this time, she was on her knees and I was under her in seconds, as Jerry was called in, I slid my cock in her arse, her butt near the edge, Jerry began licking us both, then he jumped up, and Carol helped him find her tight arse.

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