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#152556 - Well that was intense, I still remembered like a was yesterday, my sis a was those kind a girls a was easy to manipulated, no mentally very strong, but anyway after that day, things really change for us, we didn’t even think about the consequences she could get pregnant, likely nothing happened, from then and on she begin taking birth control pills. 2 150 pounds, he told me, bring me that bottle of whisky is in the cabinet, I said ok, he drunk half bottle he had small bag on the table with white powder, he was snorkel cocaine, he asked me where is you sister I told him in the back yard, I went to my room, he kept to snorkel the powder heavily and drinking for half a hour, and he got up, he went to his room, I was watching him from room , I left the door little open, his room had window view to the backyard, my sister a was there laying on the towel wearing no more the bikini the I gave her for her birthday, she was facing up top off, she didn’t know the my dad a was here, my dad got tu

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