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#39344 - I hadn`t seen my Daddies Cock for about 4 Weeks, the last time I saw it was when the Boy who was our gardener was in my Daddies Bedroom with him, they were both NUDE and Daddy was sucking Tims Cock, While I watched my little Cock got Hard and I started to rub it and after awhile it Tingled. Joel said “The first thing is your little Panties” so Joel went out to get all the different clothes I would need and he brought back about a Dozen boxes. Joel got me to try on the Panties and I was looking at myself in the Big Mirrors, so I looked over at Daddy and he was looking at me with Panties on and he said “By the time you are finished Joel will have you looking like a Little Girl” with that he run his hand over the BULGE in the front of his Pants, and Joel also had a BULGE in his pants, they both said “ you are starting to look very Lovely” Then Joel handed me a Dress that just covered my Panties, and Joel said to me “Swirl around and show off your Panties” so I did what was asked of me,

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Mei misaki
Card ejector
Rachel has a fine ass after all this time she is still tender
Izana shinatose
He is a real gentleman