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#252935 - Come on son, up for school, you don't want to be late, ha ha ha he said What? Mr Byrne I asked He slapped me, I am your mother and you will address me as that I was looking up at him, cum running down my cock, he was dressed in my mom's clothes telling me to call him mom, this was more fucked up that ever before. See you were wanking you little perv, I was only joking about your mom, I didn't say a thing son, what you and me do boy is between us and no one else, especially my wife, she would kill me if she knew about the kinky perverted stuff I got up to I looked at him and though to myself I thing she would love you more if you brought her into half the stuff you do I looked at him, Do you still fuck Mrs Byrne? I asked Steady on bro, that's a very personal question he replied Well, you rapped me, had your friend fuck me, all in your bed, so i think we are way past personal stuff and I was wondering if you still fucked her? He looked at me

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Mai shiranui
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