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#46497 - I start making coffee and breakfast for my mom and dad so I can talk to them about Julie. 6 months later.   I wake up to my cell phone ringing at 3am i look at my caller ID it's Julie Hello Jim hello hello  hello Julie what's wrong can I come over sure what's wrong  I I I can't tell you baby I love you I'm getting dressed right now I'll be there in a couple of minutes please tell me what's wrong  I'll tell you when we get back to your house ok At this Time I noticeably hear her softly crying and sobbing her voice is wobbly and scared Julie I'm getting in my car I'll be there in 2 minutes ok  Jim please don't hang up(full out crying) Julie calm down I'm not going to hang up ok baby I love you By this time I'm getting upset I can't stand to hear her crying it makes me feel like I got punched in the stomach i hop in my 93 v8 5.

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