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#191273 - About a day or 2 later the police came to my house with Kelly and her husband , my heart missed a beat and thought i was i trouble , but to my joy they came to tell me that to help me get over mine and Kellys ordeal they had a week long help course for the 2 of us and advised that the other halfs stay at home,,,,,,, thats part 2 to come,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you want to be in one of my storys get in touch and let me know ,,,,, please leave feedback or vote if you liked it thank you Read more: http://www. Just as i was about to get to the counter 3 armed men burst in and said nobody move, i stood scared out my life , my mates wife ran to stand beside me and grabbed my arm, one of the men said hey you two love birds get over there in the corner, the thought of being her being my love bird was quite arrousing , soon the bank was locked up and 2 men were behind the counter , but as it was early the manager had not opened the safe up, after what seemed a hour or so i could see the

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