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#215883 - my breathing gets heavy as she works my cock, she then starts to move her tongue up the inside of my thighs until she reachs my balls. moving my finger round and round Dee's breathing gets heavier the faster i go, i start to run my tongue down to her nipple and her stomach, as i move lower i start to smell the scent of her wetness, i lay her down on the desk and open her legs wide, i start to kiss the inside of her thighs and across to her pussy, i move my finger away and replace it with my tongue, running it up and down her slit, tasing her sweet juices, i open her lips wide and start to flick her clit with my tongue, hearing her start to moan louder as i do so, my tongue moves faster and faster, as she gets louder, i move away from her clit and down to her warm love hole, i push my tongue deep in her and she gives out a little squeel as i go deeper and deeper. , Dee stands up infront of me and we start kissing again, as we kiss she pushs me down on the table, i feel my cock pre

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