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#324351 - I noticed the pattern was that their place on the third floor, that they were the only ones getiing home at this time, there was one apt not occupied and the other guy worked nights and the third apt the guy got home two hours after them every night. I decided that this is what I wanted to see, I sat in the chair and pulled my prick and directed them in a hot lesbian scene that I had in my head, I made them lick pussy and ass and then kiss, I had them pulling on nipples and fingering each other I couldnt hold back much longer, I had them lay on the bed on their backs with their heads hanging over the edge of the bed, my cock touched Christys mouth and I twitched and a thick heavy spurt came out and went up her nose, I pulled back and let out a thick stream all over Saras mouth and chin. I stripped down and stroked my cock sitting on the chairs watching the girls, they didnt know where I was as I sat silent, they were whispering to each other about what was going on and wha

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Hot girl