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#81040 - That’s it for now hope you liked it might be more to come if I have things my way …. She laid down next to me and we cuddled for a bit, think she was working up the courage to ask me something so I said “what's up babe? Normally we chat a little after sex” to which she replied “yes but normally you don’t let me do that to you! Are you alright?” well I slowly started to tell her about what I had saw at the lay-by but before I could go any further she said “and you thought you would let me do it to see if you liked it then? And do you?”I replied babe you can do that to me anytime you like” She grinned and we made love again this time she knew that I would let her do what ever she wants to me and she did, she has even gone out and brought some toys and a strap on just to use on me of course I have never told her what else I did at the lay-by and I never will but I have been back quite a few times and have been told that I give an excellent blow job which isn’t hard I just copy wha

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