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#415668 - We three undressed each other then lay back on the bed played with each other I smoothed the insides of their legs parted the hair on their pussies and opened their lips and slid in a couple fingers inside them until I made their juices start to flow and made my fingers all wet they both had a hand round my cock and were gently squeezing it moving up and down ,Then Jean pulled Doris over me and said come on my pretty filly let me put the stallions cock in you Jill gave a little laugh as jean parted Doris and put me at the lips of her cunt she then took her hands and pushed the cheeks of her bottom down on me which made me sink right up into Doris so I was touching the back of her vagina she gave a little gasp and said oh I can really feel that Jill said dos it hurt . We arrived at Doris’s on the Saturday in the back door as usual Jean was a bit late Doris said Derek let’s talk I said okay what can I do for you nothing it’s about Jeans sister Jill I’m not very happy about her coming and

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