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#328858 - PS. Once my mom called us for dinner we went downstairs ate and put on some movies i rented (Blair witch project, One of the nightmare on elmstreet ones) Everyone went to bed but us. I brought her up to my room layed her down and kissed her neck then nibbled on her ear (that makes her VERY horny) I pulled her shirt off (her being a virgin and not wanting to do ANYTHING sexual i had to talk for at least 10 minutes to get her to) After that i took her bra off cooeing her telling her that if she trust me to let me do as i please i started kissing her neck and slowly moved down to her tits i sucked on each for about 5 minutes then i started kissing down her stomach towards her belly button i got to her pants line and pulled off her pants and panties (i only the panties to her ankles because she was dead scared.

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