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#316417 - ”You horny fucker” she crooned with approval, wriggling her ass back onto my probing tongue which swiped up & down to savour the rich, musky flavour of her love juices as they flowed from her cunt. She was dancing with her friend Elaine, who I’d dated several years previously & she gave a little wave as the music stopped to be replaced by a babble of voices shouting for more beer, more vodka & a whole range of 'conversation'; it was impossible to hear what anyone was saying while the music played unless they cupped a hand around your ear & shouted, but in the lull that followed Tracy walked over for a chat, while Elaine went over to her new boyfriend & began a tonsillectomy on him with her tongue. It was a hot, steamy summer night & the dance floor was a writhing mass of sweating bodies as the music pounded incessantly to bestow a cacophony of benediction upon the heavy metal worshippers who roared ecstatically with release at the sound of the High-Priest Ozzy blessing

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Cure felice
I like this girl the most
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He is living a dream
She s a smokeshow anyone have a name