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#210939 - The first thing Tommy noticed about her, was that she had more gray hair than showed up in her picture, otherwise she looked just like her photo--matronly! Please come in Mrs. Her vitals were 58yo, 5'5, 170lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, with measurements of 38DD-32-40. Tommy was a little taken back when he saw what Emma had hidden under her skirt, instead of the usual panty hose, Emma wore a garter belt, hose, and very sexy over sized bikini panties! Even though she had a round paunchy belly, the sight of an older grand motherly type, dressed in lingerie deemed more appropriate for a twenty year old was unbelievably erotic, and although he was working, Tommy couldn't have stopped getting and erection even if he had wanted to! You really came ready to work, commented Tommy, as he clicked away, his auto advance buzzing after each shot.

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Fuyumi irisu
Sweet sucking kitty
Yumi fukuzawa
Hot girl but how the hell they can fuck with that shitty music