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#87020 - But this has left her pubic area spread wide and her bottom sticking up a bit higher helpless and vulnerable. OMG! Did she really want that? The one in front had settled down and was feasting on only one of her nipples and had actually started suckling on what was to him a most gorgeous and gigantic nipple, again the perverse sensation was incredible only stimulating her to even higher and a more wanting fever pitch! This thing between her legs was getting closer and closer to her clit!, as it licked away. This is done by first letting them know who their boss is and who is in charge! Mistress “M” just loves to hang new arrivals up naked by their ankles, as this really gets their attention! She also likes to do this for a certain amount of time, as the longer they hang the more docile and receptive they become to being slave trained as a submissive's! The Russians and women from the Ukraine are shipped to the complex hung up side down

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