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#297356 - Master Aden just shakes his head with a fist clenched upon it in disbelief. For one time he wishes his curiosity and natural suspicions of people would have been restrained, that he would not have pressed as far as he did. The sheer skill and command of magic Pele has; the utter ruthless manner she uses it when called upon to do so, as with the execution of Mystique – the vengeance enacted by the summoned souls of all her victims enacted, and each feeling of Pele who actually enjoyed the spectacle! Her confrontation with Dominique; the images imparted allow Sheo to see and understand the true nature not only of the enemy, but also of Pele and Charity! The family relationship of Pele and Dominique, and thus of Charity as well – one fact Pele will not tell the Chancellor or Charity until this is all over.

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