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#169899 - You will remove all your clothes and stand there in front of her naked. We will then all three get into bed and it will be every man for himself as to how much he can get and from whom before 10am tomorrow Julie will bend over the bed and you will fuck her arse and I will either let her suck me or fuck you in the arse or maybe play with you between the legs and caress julie's clit So there are several options to release that pent up sperm in your balls - your choice as it will be a massive explosion and there will be lots of spunk I hope We will take pictures of it coming out of whatever hole ou explode in. I go to the bar to order and you and Julie get a bit more intimate I do expect that by the time I get back your hand will be up her skirt.

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Miya asama
Your clearly an idiot
Kokoro awane
So sorry