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#197689 - he told me to remove my jeans on me then he told me to lay down on his bed then i feel a pain in my ass he start to finger my ass i stop him but i dont know what happen to me ass he start to put his finger in my ass my kok start growing up as his saw that he continue to finger my ass with 2 finger now i feel pain then 3, then he put an oil in my ass then he ask me if i was ready i say yessss, as i say yesss i could feel his kok head pressing my tight hole as his head enter he puss it slowly i was feeling pain , i told him to stop because of the pain but he continue he told me it will stop he was me slowly now i could feel good then he start to fuck me faster and deep i don't know what happen to me i start cumming by myslef then he say i coming he ask me where do i want him to cum i ask him to cum in my mouth then he pull off his kok cum in my mouth i feel really good i was the first time i taste a sperm. one day i was surfing in the internet i saw a shemale site it was the first

Read Argentino This is Not Sex. - Kuroko no basuke Pee This is Not Sex.

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That was hot her asshole is begging for it
Sasami tsukuyomi
Sensual blowjob indeed good job