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#243847 - One special thing happened that I think its worth mentioning when I was in collage I started dating this crazy 18 year old girl who was up for anything, Kat and me had always talked about wanting to have a threesome , so I told my at the time crazy girlfriend that an old ex of mine was in town and was game for a good time, she agreed, I invited Kat to my place, the three of us had a couple of drinks to break the ice and then it was down to business , it was my sisters first lesbian experience so she was a little nervous, I started by kissing her and the other girl who was a blonde just watched , Kat I don’t know why in those days had dyed her hair red , it suited her, we kissed then started to undress, and after a while of nakedness, licking sucking and touching we started to have sex, it was so exiting doing it in front of another person specially because of the fact that we were brother and sister and not ex boyfriend and girlfriend we were both very aroused exited and happy, nothing

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David king
I m not lonely my girlfriend just doesn t want to masturbate w me
Billy the kid
I want that bulbasaur plush