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#219634 - From above, he heard, “ Hey, this’ll be great, what a show, I’ll be sitting here for a few days watching you eat away!” Throwing herself into the sofa, she raised her boots atop the table and ordered, “ Let’s go, take another handful, eat it, eat it, yea, eat it all slave!” Watching him take another handful, she slowly moved her left hand’s middle finger toward her cunt. After a half hour of butt worship, Jeff looked into her dark eyes, asking, “ Can respect your boots?” “ You like em, don’t you?” “ Yea, they’re spectacular, they really bring the best out in you. Dangling him before her face, she stood up again, saying, “ Well, since you want my ass so bad, how about this?” Moving his tiny frame behind her, she slowly lowered him to her butt.

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