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#96034 - you receive My email, explaining what to wear and what time to arrive at this specific address. you are staring me straight in the eyes when you see Me look around your body and nod. Forgetting yourself, you turn your head around to see who I am looking at, Thats when you realize your mistake You scream as the first strike hits your hardened cock, then another hits and you can feel the tears well up in your eyes, I grab your face and tell you to repeat your orders, you stammer as you repeat what you were told DO NOT TURN AROUND!' i'm sorry Ma'am, you repeat several times Everyone in the room is allowed 5 swats, cock or ass it will be their choice, I have everyone line up and you realize there is 10 people in the room, this is certainly going to be a long night, one by one, they each take their turn.

Read Crazy Ii Ko ni Shite te ne, Koneko-chan! Hardcore Porno Ii Ko ni Shite te ne, Koneko-chan!

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