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#392897 - i saw Joanne a few times after that, but then she went off to college and moved out of the area, later I heard Samantha had had a boyfriend over and Bethany had found her fucking and wanted the same, as the chap was fucking Beth, their father walked in, he knocked seven kinds of shit out of him putting him in hospital for months, he was sent down for three years for Grievous bodily harm, and assault, the fact he was reacting to what he had walked in on, did help reduce the sentence a little, but the ferocity of the attack was uncalled for. I got home and went to work on sorting out the prizes for the tom bola I was running at the summer fair at the school. With another slap across my face she asked what I had to say about it, I shook my head, and rubbed my cheek, “I was trapped” “What the fuck do you mean, you were trapped”? I explained about having a drink with her mother and helping her home, where I found Sam with a chap, both naked and he did a runner, then Sam seduced me, an

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