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#101172 - We had moved a double bed into the games room and more toys and Mattresses, and a couple of surprise items. I took a couple of cum loads then worked my way over to Stef, as one cock slipped out of her cummy butt, I shoved mine in, Stef at first didn't notice, then she looked at me and asked what I had put in her butt, I smiled and said Tooth paste on my cock, (for those that haven’t tried it, just a bit at first as it gets hotter the more you fuck, the gel type is best) the more I pumped her arse the hotter it got, her anal orgasms got better and next thing, My body was a wash, as she squirted me again. I knew I wouldn't last long, the pressure was so tight my cum had trouble shooting up her bowels, I felt it warm my fingers inside her body, as Gary then blew his wad in her.

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