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#184892 - One day my dad got home earlier around 2pm on Sunday, my sister a was in he back yard laying down on the grass taking sun, I was in my room reading a magazine, when heard my dad entered in the house, he was drunk I helped out and he sat on couch, my dad a was dude 6. 2 feet and he had big belly is she 5. Next day we were really close each other, I told her let go to the river near by, a was really solitaire area a was Friday so a was perfect to be alone an the middle of no where, I put my short en t-shirt an she ask me what do you want me to wear, I’m yours an I belong to you now, you orders are my command, I say, sis you don’t have to say that, and she say yes I’m all yours but please don’t never let me I feel lonely, is ok sis you will never be alone any more you have me, I kind I thought about it, what she just told me, and ask her sis you would do anything for me, and she respond yes anything, I told her to wear her white mini macro bikini mini skirt she had, that macro bikini is

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