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#170540 - She was ready for more as the dogs knot finally popped out! The next dog that entered her was Brutus one of the neighbors dogs that had licked her pussy through the back fence not all that long ago! She in her condition had not realized it was him at the time, as all she wanted was another hard animal cock , but Brutus's sharp paws were scratching her back and he was biting her just hard enough on her neck to satisfy her growing need for more forceful and sadistic intercourse and she did not even realize that he, was doing so as all she wanted was more cock! But Brutus knew, and remembered exactly who she was!!!!. In the center were six evenly spaced stakes that had been driven into the ground! This Dog Slave gang bang had apparently been held here several times in the past and had become so popular as word got out, that more and more slave owners had come from all parts of the country.

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