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#278189 - It hit her that there was only one thing she could do to avoid a life to servitude and sex slavery, run, go to Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool or even London, anywhere but here, and if she had to stay in this part of england she would have to find somwhere to lay low forever, of course at the time she thought this was all talk untill the day she cracked, she tip toed downstairs to see not only Tee, but that bitch Kiera waiting for her, both with sadistic smiles on there faces, well well, if it aint my favourite little fuck toy, Kiera said with a sly smile, never the one to waste valuable fucking time, walked strait up to Emma and pulled her dressing gown off beofre she could even blink. It was not long utill Tee had his impossibly huge 16 dick in Emma's mouth, thrusting it in and out with little care for Emma, and Kiera just sat back naked playing with herslef, the one thing Emma did like about Kiera although she would never say it, was her body, as Emma is now a confirm

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