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#141913 - I do not know why but I have always enjoyed showing off and sharing my wife it turns me on to see other guys hot for her and the things they will do to her. I started the video over and she watches in amazement as he pulls his cock out and offers it to her when I tell her she has a new toy to suck then she cracks up when she realized that there was someone else there in the video it’s not just a toy and watches as she really gets into it ,she loves the come baths and the spit roast scenes ,she is wooing and hollering when she squirts by that time she is sucking my dick really going to town and out of nowhere I explode in her mouth ,on her face and tits she says so much for that shower and tries to scoop up and lick as much as she can. We have done the threesomes with another guy and threesome with another girl several foursomes and one orgy but that for another story, we had to change up when my Daughter showed up with our granddaughter about 7 years ago so it was nice to explore a

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