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#4106 - lol [5:34:27 PM] Black Stallion: when? [5:34:33 PM] kevin6666: HAHA [5:34:40 PM] kevin6666: i'd kiss you hard [5:34:48 PM] kevin6666: fuck jon, you are so hot [5:35:04 PM] kevin6666: i feel your fast heartbeat, feel how horny you are [5:35:38 PM] kevin6666: i push my tongue into your mouth [5:35:58 PM] Black Stallion: mmmm , i'd moan in your hot mouth [5:36:03 PM] Black Stallion: ugh brb [5:36:07 PM] kevin6666: ok [5:40:37 PM] Black Stallion: back, had to talk with someone about dinner cause I have no fucking food to eat and im starving [5:40:56 PM] Black Stallion: if i develope a food fetish don't be surprised [5:41:04 PM] kevin6666: lol, why? what happened? [5:41:16 PM] kevin6666: just take your proteins. yeah, i didnt touch ot) [6:44:01 PM] kevin6666: never happene before man [6:44:11 PM] Black Stallion:.

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