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#91835 - i walked into the kitchen slowy opening the door looking around to see if anyone was in there but to my surpise it was almost as if it was abandand i walked over to the sink turning the tap on looking at how many dishes i would have to do by myself yo jake my boy have you seen the new chick were working with i turned around seeing joe lean on the near side counter joe was a cool guy he was the first person i worked with when i started at the resturant he seemed a bit full of himself but he was a nice enough guy what the new girl claire yeah marcus said something about that but i havent seen her yet joe just gave me an unsettling smile trust dude your in for a treat a big treat i just turned around and started loading the sink with plates jake i want you to meet claire this is who i was talking about i almost droped a plate when i saw her she had the look that could blow away a hole army with one look she had dark black shoulder length haire dark brown hazzel eyes and a figure

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Just her whole outfit makes it so perfect
Barbara gordon
Time to do yoga