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#363888 - She got done about 4:30 p. They moved to the bed without the swing for some foreplay he rubbed her legs he loved her legs they felt so good with the fishnet covering them she reached down and grabbed his cock it was so hard and throbbing it was begging to be set free to probe her holes and make her feel so good but not yet he said lets put you in the swing so we can get stareted. He turned around to see his beautiful wife with a smile so big he had never seen her smile that big before he took the camera and zoomed in on her he wanted her to see that smile then panned to her cunt it was dripping with hot cum that the men had just unloaded in her she asked him to untie her and he did she jumped on top of him and put her tounge in his mouth and kissed him hard and deep she said she loved him so much she reached around and guided his still hard and throbbing cock back inside her wet pussy and started to ride his cock one more time he could feel her pussy start to tighten around his cock

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