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#412511 - As Eric takes Nat’s hand and walk into the lobby I turn to him and a he asks, me if I am ready to get pregnant and I tell him he knows I don’t want to carry a baby he tells me that he knows several girls that will carry it for me and I tell him that I will talk it over with Eric first and maybe one baby at a time will be enough right now. I get the whip and take a test swing and then I strike hitting her ass, hard as I look at the welt on her ass my dick is rock hard I turn the vib up and I begin to work her over hitting the back of her legs and thighs and her back up and down never striking the same place twice she is moaning and when my arm gets tired I get the cane and lay right into her as she begins to beg to cum so I turn the vib up and tell her to go for it as I continue to strike her I move around to her front and strike her breast not as hard as her ass and she convulses she cums so hard I think she passes out I get her down and she comes to I carry her over to the bed as I t

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