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#233040 - I then work out the characters who will appear on my ‘stage’, drop them down on it, and see where they go to! Are you writing in the first or third person? If it's the former are you telling this as yourself? If you are; are you writing AS yourself or someone else… I sometimes write as my female ‘alter ego’ Rachael and sometimes as an un-named 25 year old lesbian in the ‘Mother’s Girl’ stories. If I receive a suggestion which doesn’t fit in with my style then I’ll tell you that as well. On the other hand, if the reader can see a development or sequel which might be brought into play at a later date, then I should welcome his or her views.

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Yuuri katsuki
Mom grandfather
Chiyo shirayuki
Dang already leaking before shot and she woulda gotten painted more if initial bursts didnt overshoot