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#1624 - She came back to earth to find herself drenched in pussy juices and loving it she rubbed all the juices on her body slowly loving the feeling. She started to lower herself on the bottle and she loved the feeling of the hard plastic against her sensitive asshole trying to brake through her opening but she knew it was too big, she gave it a good try and used her weight to try to penetrate herself but there was no way, she knew she wanted it, she knew her ass wanted it but it seemed impossible and as she moved her ass in circles on the bottle and felt her little asshole opening just a little but not nearly enough to take that huge bottle she remembered her nightly regimen of moisturizing her skin before going to sl**p and as the biggest revelation of her life she reached for her bed side table's drawer and found her bottle of baby oil. The thick shampoo bottle was covered with her pussy juices and she knew that would serve as lube but she still doubt that big bottle could squeez

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Any other hentais with the other guy in this hentai and does the full hentai show his face debating on buying