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#19713 - Another stimulating story if it wasn’t for the little blue pill I would be dead by now as it was it was getting to the point where I thought I should call it a night when I was approached by the most interesting looking woman She was older than pepper but younger than cinnamon or ginger she introduced yourself as Saffron Her skin was the color of coffee with cream her hair was very light brown wavy but Past her shoulders with nice legs a large ass a bit of a belly and probably a C cup up top I Asked her what I could do for her and she asked back are you truly adventurous now being an open minded individual I replied yes Then I was asking if I was a judgemental person I replied I didn’t think so but you could ask Ginger who knew me best she thought for a long pause and then asked me if I would go to a room with her I agreed although stating I might not be too much use to you as these other ladies have had me for a while she replied with I’m sure there’s something we can get up to so aga

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