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#437422 - then she spred her legs she was wering a skirt she told me to lift it and suck her out i did as i was told . as i got off the couch bliar mum (fiona is her name) came over to me and asked if i wanted some hot cakes i said yess and made my way to the table she put the plate in front of me and her boobs rubbed against my neck i didnt no if she ment this or not but i liked it lol. this seemed very weird wy would she put them in ther as i when in to get them she followed me then she said to me that she had to find something in a cuboard and that i should feel embaresed to change infront of her so i took the towl off and then she joked with me by saying my penis was bigger then her husbands i just giggled and then she walked over to me and wiperd in my ear i would love that cock in my cunt.

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